Our Practice


We are a law practice located in downtown Honolulu. We provide legal services to businesses and individuals leasing commercial property in the State of Hawaii. Our practice is focused on helping small and mid-sized businesses negotiate the legal aspects of commercial retail, restaurant, office, and industrial space leases and resolve legal issues arising out of such leases. Ziva Law LLLC uses systems and technology to make quality legal services affordable for local businesses. We offer our clients a practical, balanced approach to negotiating leases and resolving leasing issues.

What does "Ziva" mean?

“Ziva” (pronounced ZEE-vuh) was originally a Hebrew name that means radiance, brilliance, light, brightness. Likewise, Ziva Law LLLC endeavors to enlighten commercial tenants with knowledge and empower them to negotiate their leases and lease disputes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower commercial tenants to understand and negotiate commercial leases and effectively navigate and resolve commercial leasing issues by using systems, people, and technology to deliver client-centered legal services to small business owners in Hawaii.

Our Core Values

We hate negative stereotypes of lawyers, and we want to be a part of the change we wish to see in this world. Here are the core values we are committed to and that we seek to live by:


We pursue new ideas and new methods to do things more efficiently and drive increased value to our clients.


We enthusiastically strive to learn, grow, and share our knowledge, experience, and skills with our clients and our community.


We deliver “Wow!” through service to create a unique and refreshing client experience.


We face problems with solution-focused energy and view every challenge as an opportunity.


We work in partnership with everyone involved because we all have an important role in achieving great outcomes.


We are reasonable and flexible; we seek to balance interests in the spirit of fairness.

Our Philosophy on Fit

Selecting an attorney is an important decision. As with any important decision, you should do your research and take the time to make the best decision for your business. A good fit between attorney and client is critically important to every client experience.  We realize that we may not be a good fit for everyone—and that’s okay! We want you to find an attorney that is a good fit for you, even if it is not us.

If our mission and core values resonate with you and you are interested in working with an attorney who will be your advocate, your ally, your trusted advisor, and your legal coach/strategist to get your transaction completed or your dispute resolved, let’s connect to explore whether we are a good fit for each other.