No matter where you are in the process,
Ziva Law can help you with your commercial lease.

Overview of Services


Lease Review

  • Comprehensive legal review of your commercial lease before you sign
  • Helps you understand your lease so you can make informed decisions
  • Identifies issues tailored to your business and operational needs
  • Provides coaching and strategic guidance to facilitate your lease negotiations


Lease Advisor

  • Legal advice on commercial lease issues after you sign your lease
  • Helps you understand your lease terms and the legal process
  • Identifies options and possible solutions to commercial leasing problems
  • Provides coaching and strategic guidance on how to approach lease issues

Also available . . .


Lease Consult

Sometimes you need help with your commercial lease, but don’t need a full lease review or a comprehensive evaluation of a lease dispute. Ziva Lease Consult offers practical legal advice for targeted issues concerning your commercial lease at an affordable fixed-fee price.

It includes a high-level evaluation of specific lease issues based on an assessment form completed by you and a 50-minute consultation meeting to provide you with clarity and guidance on your commercial lease.

Contact us for a FREE 15-minute discovery call to find out if Ziva Lease Consult is a good fit for your needs.