Happy Clients

“I have worked with hundreds of lawyers over the course of my career as a Family Court Judge, and even before that as a practicing attorney and the Special Assistant to the Mayor of Los Angeles. Chenise is one of the finest. She is incredibly responsive to our needs. Not only is Chenise efficient, but she is very bright. I can always count on comprehensive and excellent advice. But what impresses me the most is how much Chenise loves being an attorney – for all the right reasons. She truly wants to help people, organizations, causes, and missions. She is absolutely passionate about finding the best possible solution for her clients and ensuring that the journey to get there is done with integrity, compassion, and collaboration. Through her excellent communication and mentoring skills, she empowers her clients to make good and informed decisions and considers them partners as she works with them to reach their goals.”

Michael Broderick
Retired Judge, Mediator, Arbitrator, Executive Coach
Broderick Dispute Resolution

“As a first-time business owner, it is scary and overwhelming thinking of everything you need to get in order. One of the biggest challenges we faced was negotiating and signing our lease. It was a daunting document filled with intimidating language. Chenise happily reviewed our lease and broke it down for us in a simple way. She pinpointed areas we could push back on and helped us understand areas she thought might not be negotiable. With Chenise's guidance, we negotiated a few specific lease terms that ended up saving us over $5,000 in the first two years! We always felt like we were in good hands with Chenise and she never made us feel like we were bugging her or that she was too busy for us. We would certainly hire Chenise again when we start looking for our second location.”

Stephen and Tracey Seta
9Bar HNL

“I was new to the process of commercial leasing and found it easy to expand my online business to a brick-and-mortar retail boutique with Chenise’s help. She was wonderful to work with and answered every question I had on the lease. Our meetings really helped me understand what I was getting into and tighten up my lease terms. I learned a ton and would definitely go back to Chenise with my next lease!”

Tiana Gamble
Bikini Bird

"Chenise is fantastic. She’s a consummate professional, honest, fair, clear, focused, thorough, timely, kind, wicked smart and exactly the kind of representation you want in your corner. She possesses a great depth of knowledge and expertise in her field. Throughout the entire lengthy process of our lease negotiations, she wisely guided me along and kept me feeling both very aware of all options and relaxed about the process without overwhelm.

"I’ve had some poor experiences with legal counsel in the past and Chenise restored my faith in finding the right person. If you’re reading this, that means you’re considering. I highly advise you save yourself some time and book a consultation with her. You won’t regret it."

Brandon von Damitz and Kelleigh Stewart
Big Island Coffee Roasters

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Ziva Law is fortunate to have past clients give us positive feedback about working with us. We appreciate our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.