Our Pricing

We are ditching the traditional model of hourly billing.

Under the traditional model of legal services, a client retains a lawyer by agreeing on an hourly rate and usually pays a specified sum up front (a "retainer"). There is typically no limit on how many hours a lawyer can bill, which tasks they choose to perform, or how they do the work. Clients often struggle to budget for legal services because the cost is so uncertain. This causes many businesses to avoid seeking the advice of lawyers, even though they could benefit greatly from it.

Instead, we offer predictable and reasonable fixed fees.

Fixed-fee billing uses fixed fees for a limited scope of tasks that are clearly defined. Clients are charged a set price for agreed upon tasks instead of billing by the hour. Attorneys provide a cost proposal at the outset and obtain client approval before engaging in any legal work. This incentivizes attorneys to work efficiently and allows clients to control costs as they go. Our fixed-fee packages are thoughtfully designed to provide varying levels of service suited to your unique needs and goals.

We accept online & credit card payments for your convenience.

We know that cash flow is an ongoing concern for businesses. To help you better manage the expense of obtaining quality legal services, we accept online and credit card payments. We make payment simple and easy.

We Heart Nonprofits!

In gratitude for the hard work that nonprofit organizations do for our community, we offer a discount to all registered Hawaii nonprofit corporations. Contact us to learn more about our nonprofit discount.

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